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  • February is LGBT History month

    This February marked the third consecutive year that Leeds City Council has celebrated LGBT History Month. Leeds put on events including film screenings, LGBT history talks, social events, and even lit buildings in rainbow colours to celebrate the diversity the LGBT community brings to our urban landscape.   

    The news has also been buzzing with LGBT headlines, some examples are as follows: 

    The Australian Football League (AFL) has agreed for the first time to allow a transgender footballer, Hannah Mouncey, to play women’s football at state level.  

    In other football news, a support group has been set up at Newcastle United for its LGBT fans. United with Pride was created by the Newcastle United Foundation, the club’s charitable arm, to tackle abuse … more

  • LEGAL UPDATE: Payslips

    Tags: Payslips, Employment Rights Act 1996

    Issuing payslips is normally a routine process and you may not give a lot of thought to the legislation behind it.  In fact, the law imposes strict obligations on employers regarding what must be displayed in the payslip.

    What right does the law provide?

    The law states that an employee has the right to a written itemised payslip by their employer on or before pay day.

    Do I need to give it to everyone at my organisation?

    This right is provided to all employees. It does not extend to workers, contractors or freelancers.

    What should it include?

    The payslip, which can be provided electronically or in printed form, must include the following information:

    • the gross amount of wages or salary;

    • the amounts of any variable and any relevant fixed deductions and the … more

  • How to avoid Compulsory Redundancies

    Tags: Carillion Collapse, Compulsory Redundancies, Reducing Staff, Cutting Costs

    We wrote recently about how the liquidation of a large company can have potential indirect consequences for small and medium businesses. Through no fault of their own, a small or medium sized business can suddenly find that cash flow is drastically affected.

    Often, in those circumstances, the knee jerk reaction is to look at ways to reduce outgoings and one of the simplest ways to do that is to reduce staff.  Many small businesses are reporting that following the collapse of Carillion they may have no alternative but to look at making staff redundant.

    It is however worth considering that there are ways to avoid making compulsory redundancies, which can sometimes be costly in the short term.

    Before you conclude that redundancies are necessary, consider the following options - … more

  • 100 years of voting

    Tuesday this week marked the 100th anniversary of some British women gaining the right to exercise their democratic right to vote in the UK. 

    Whilst there is much to celebrate in terms of women's progress in this country in the last century, sex discrimination in the workplace and beyond continues. The Fawcett Society has published a Sex Discrimination Law Review, which examines whether sex discrimination law in the UK is fit for purpose. The report serves as a timely reminder of what employers can do to avoid discrimination in the workplace. 

    The Society has made a number of recommendations to address these ongoing difficulties, for example:

    • Mandatory equal pay audits for employers of 250 or more;

    • Civil penalties for non-compliance with gender pay gap … more

  • Social Media and Social Networking in the Workplace

    Tags: Social Media, Policies, HR, EmploymentLaw, UKEmpLaw, Social Networking

    As social media expands into every aspect of our lives, including the workplace, striking a balance between leveraging social media as a business tool and managing its use by individual employees can be challenging. As more people become social media savvy, concerns over the impact of social media in the workplace are not diminishing over time.

    So, what would a happy medium be for employers? Let’s see… 

    The Disadvantages of Social Media

    First, let’s look at the worries that give companies the jitters when it comes to allowing staff to use social media during office hours. 

    1 - It’s a timewaster 

    The main perception is that it wastes time. Employees checking their feeds, watching videos and inevitably following links are not, at that moment, … more

  • Updated Rates Table

    The statutory rates and compensation limits has been updated.  The rates table includes the current rates and limits on the awards and payments for – 

    • compensation limits including unfair dismissal and statutory redundancy pay

    • Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)

    • maternity, paternity and adoption pay 

    • National Minimum Wage (NMW) rates

    To see the updated Rates Table please click here.  However please note that the increases in statutory payments and tribunal awards are yet to be announced, for the moment we have marked the column as ‘TBA’.

    Please make sure you check the changes and be aware that you will need to make appropriate changes, especially if you have apprentices or hourly paid workers on the Living Wage.

    If you would … more



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