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  • 3 Things We Learnt In Law This Week (28 February 2019)

    Tags: Unfair Dismissal, Employment Law, Employment Tribunal, Workplace, Mental Health, Grievance, NHS, Trade Union, Topshop, Breastfeeding, Research, Slater and Gordon

    NHS Worker Who Reported Suicidal Thoughts Was Unfairly Dismissed

    Mr Flemming, who was employed by the East of England Ambulance Services NHS Trust, lost his job in 2015 after he failed to comply with requests to attend meetings and appointments with the organisations’ occupational health function after mental and physical health conditions prevented him from working for a significant period of time.

    In April 2012 Flemming suffered a heart attack following an “altercation” with his line manager, which left him feeling upset and stressed.

    He claimed that nobody from the organisation had contacted him to ask about his health and wellbeing following his illness. He told the tribunal this lack of contact had contributed to the manifestation of his mental ill-health as … more

  • 3 Things We Learnt In Law This Week (27 December 2018)

    Tags: Statement of Employment Particulars, Unfair Dismissal, Disability Discrimination, Dismissal, Shoplifting, Equality Act 2010, Government, Disability Reporting, Mental Health, Wellbeing

    Does an Employee Have a Right to a Statement of Employment Particulars When Employed for Less Than 2 Months?

    Yes, if they have worked continuously for at least 1 month, held the EAT in Stefanko and others v Maritime Hotel Ltd.

    The Claimants were all employed as waiting staff by the Maritime Hotel. They all had relatively short periods of employment of a few months. One Claimant, Ms Woronowicz, was only employed for 6 weeks. She succeeded in a claim for automatically unfair dismissal. She had complained of a failure to provide either a payslip or statement of employment particulars.

    The ET declined to increase that award under Section 38 Employment Act 2002, as Ms Woronowicz did not have 2 months' continuous employment; 2 months being the amount of time given by section 1(2) Employment … more

  • Samira Cakali Qualifies as a Mental Health First Aider

    Tags: Mental Health, Mental Health First Aider, MHFA, Sickness Absence, Training, Disability Discrimination, Equality Act 2010, Employment Law, HR, ukemplaw

    In August our Samira Cakali qualified as a Mental Health First Aider (‘MHFA’). In this article she discusses the scheme and how having a Mental Health First Aider could vastly improve your business and have a positive impact on the amount of disability claims that land on your desk. 

    Why is mental health awareness in the workplace so important?

    Mental ill health is the biggest reason for sickness absence and by far the largest cost to employers across the UK. Investing in staff wellbeing saves money in the long run - workplaces that prioritise mental health have more engaged, productive and loyal employees, who are less likely to need time off sick. 

    What does the training involve?

    MHFA is a two-day training course. The course is based around a five-step action … more

  • Tips to Manage Employees Mental Health in the Workplace

    Tags: Mental Health, Workplace, Stigma, Office, Support Services, EmploymentLaw, ukemplaw

    In 2018 mental health is becoming more widely spoken about in, and out, of the workplace. Smart employers know that organisations are only as strong as their people and that the experiences, wellbeing and motivations of each worker is fundamental to how the organisation performs. Generally, a common-sense approach based on open communication and good people-management is all that is required. Below are our six top tips to help you effectively manage and support workplace mental wellbeing. 

    Encourage people to talk 

    Increase awareness among employees of mental health and aim to create an open environment where your employees feel they are able to talk about their wellbeing. 

    Make it an organisational priority 

    Don’t just flirt around the issue of mental … more

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  • 3 Things We Learnt In Law This Week (18 April 2019)

    Tags: Employment Law, Employment Tribunal, Unlawful Deductions, Overtime

    Holland & Barrett Employee Wins Overtime Case

    A tribunal has ruled that Holland & Barrett made unlawful deductions from the pay of an employee who was required to carry out tasks beyond his contracted hours.

    Mr Fitz was employed as a supervisor and was required to cover for the store manager if they were absent. This required opening the store in the morning and closing the store in the evening, among other tasks that needed to be completed during opening hours.

    Closing the store involved four stages: closing the tills on the shop floor; reconciling the tills in the back office; closing the register and locking up the store, all of which Holland & Barrett told the tribunal took a few minutes. However, Fitz claimed that he also had to undertake other additional tasks at the … more


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