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It’s the first of December and I think most of us will agree, even if many of us are simply conceding, that Christmas 2017 has now started.  There are many of us that love it, with others loathing it and varying degrees in between.   


As part of our count down to the big day, we have created our #SCEadventTips to be posted on our social media channels providing you with a mix of Employment Law reminders and Christmas suggestions.  We hope you find them useful and we encourage you to share them with your colleagues, friends and family. 

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Please also feel free to share with us your Christmas Tips, whether they are a beloved recipe, shopping suggestions or wrapping and decorating demonstrations, just don’t forget to include #SCEadventTips so that we can share and retweet them to our followers. 


Whilst most of us are counting down (whether in excitement or dread) we must remember that the UK is a wonderful assorted mix of cultures, with many that do not recognise this as a period of festivities.  Do try and include these people in your celebrations without making them feel aggrieved. 


We have realised that a tip a day for 25 days doesn’t allow us to cover much, and so remind you that what we provide is by no means an exhaustive list and that we are always at the end of the phone (Christmas Day excluded) to answer you enquires. 


SCE Solicitors is a boutique employment law practice based in Leeds which advises clients nationwide.  Please note that the information in this blog is to provide information of general interest in a summary manner and should not be construed as individual legal advice. Readers should consult with SCE Solicitors or other professional counsel before acting on the information contained here.

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